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What is metal spinning

Metal spinning is a metal forming process that can make a circular metal sheet deform different shape of revolving body .The spinning mold and clamp provide the clamping force and take the sheet to spin .When the spinning roller touch and press the sheet according to the spinning path, the sheet will produce plastic deformation from the point to the line follow the spinning path.


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Dongguan Dinnovation CNC metal spinning Co,. Ltd.

Dinnovation metal spinning company is located in China ,Factory building covers an area of 1800 square meters .We invest 8 CNC metal spinning machines and other fabrication machines such as rolling ,deep drawing , flanging ,welding ,5 axis laser cutting. There are 16 members in our team ,We continually try and test the different material and fabrication ways to apply , promoting the development of  metal forming technique. Advanced machines and excellent resources support your phases of  your production needs, We successfully supply the venturi ,funnel ,fireplace /firebowl ,container /tank ,turbine /turbojet , burner nozzle, Combustion chamber, combuster ,signal reflecter ,military and aerospace components in the market, the export value of spun parts are more than 200,000 pieces every year .

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Dinnovation is perfect metal spinning supplier as your choice .Dinnovation have excellent technical abilities and complete metal forming solution to supply the challenging and precision spun parts ,more different machines be invested to promote production efficiency and reduce the sample lead time ,experienced engineering designer and spinners have worked together for 12 years ,standard quality control is our confident to serve our customer .Dinnovation can satisfy every customer from product design to structure analysis ,from fabrication to assemblies, from production to quality control. Dinnovation will be your good partner and answer when you need to custom the metal spun products .
CNC metal spinning
CNC metal spinning
CNC metal spinning
5 axis laser welding
5 axis laser welding
5 axis laser welding
Polishing and brushed
Polishing and brushed
Polishing and brushed
5 axis laser cutting
5 axis laser cutting
5 axis laser cutting
Common spun parts

The major country  : America , German , Israel, France, Ireland, Turkey,Japan,Netherlands, Italy,Canada,New Zealand.
Total export value :  20000 pieces of metal spun products every years .
Industries :There are more than  2000 kinds of metal spun products .200 kinds of insdustries.
The fabrication and process includes metal spinning ,deep drawing ,CNC, stamping ,5-axis laser cutting and welding,CNC milling and turning .

Advantage industries 

Aircraft : Turbine / Turbojet Combustor Tailpipe Tail-jet Fairing

Aeroplane : Combustion chamber  Oxygen-tank

Military parts : Missile  Liner

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different types of metal spun products are made by Dinnovation
To ensure a successful design ,we offer the deep drawing and metal spinning prototyping services , our engineer will use CAD or UG technology to design and send it to customer .
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We can give you some suggestion when we get your drawing ,we can analysis structure ,strength and more details of your product. then give you a honest suggestion of design adjustment .
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Our quotation includes lead time , manufacturing details ,mold cost and unit price ,it's a good reference standard.
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Testing and quality
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