Metal spinning materials

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Metal Spinning has a strong metal processing capacity ,it not only can make basic and soft deep drawing (DDQ) metal ,but also can process the special and hard metal by heating .Main bank shape metal classify tube and sheet , the other blank (semi - finished product ) shell made by Deep drawing and casting  can be used in metal spinning as well .


Material shape 

Metal spinning is divided into tube spinning and sheet spinning according to the blank metal tube and sheet .

metal spinning materials,round metal sheet and tube


Sheet performance

Sheet is classified cold rolling sheet and hot rolling sheet.

The hardness and tensile strength of cold rolling sheet is higher than hot rolling sheet .the thickness cold rolling sheet is less than 5mm, if the thickness is bigger than 5mm, it is the hot rolling sheet .

Cold rolling have better ductility ,hot rolled sheet is easier to break in metal spinning because the interior porosity and shrinkage.


Tube  performance 

Sheet is classified seamless tube and welding tube .

Thick tube is seamless tube ,the thin tube is welding tube .

 Stainless steel welding tube should be welded by SU304 DDQ, otherwise tube will break after spinning .



Sheet : 1m*2m,1.24m*2.44m,1.5m*3.0m

Tube : It needs to make mold to custom, the stainless steel tube must be DDQ standard (can be deep drawing ).


The commonly used metal spinning material  types

Many metal materials are used in metal spinning ,such as aluminum ,steel ,copper ,titanium ,stainless steel and other special metal ,we choose metal sheet and tube as the spun blank material,we have better to know the metal spinning property of different materials, the following will introduce the material spun properties and application .


① Purity Aluminum :  1060/1070/1090/1100

Spun property : There are pure aluminum ,the purity can achieve 99.9%, these types are soft and ductility is good to spin . 

Application : The tensile strength of these aluminum are not enough to bear force ,so these are used in lampshade and housing shell that can't bear the force .


② Aluminum alloy : 3003/5052/5083/6061/6063

Spun property : These aluminum alloy types is harder than purity aluminum ,the metal springback of aluminum alloy is bigger than purity aluminum . but it is easy to spin as well .

Application : 3003 is better corridor resistance , 5052/5083 are good tensile strength ,6061/6063 will have harder hardness after heat treatment .


③ Special aluminum alloy : 2024/7075/5A06

Spun property : These types of special aluminum are hard to spin than the purity aluminum and aluminum alloy above . Aluminum 2024 can be spun by cold spinning , 5A06 just can be spun by shear spinning , 7075 can be spun by heating .

Application : Aluminum 2024 is used in aircraft skin>> and turbojet shell , 7075 will have high tensile strength to bear force that is used in the structure part .5A06 can be used in funnel tanks in airplane that will have good tensile strength after welding .

Conclusion : From purity aluminum to special aluminum alloy ,the hardness and tensile strength will increase ,the ductility will reduce ,so the spun property will be worse .

On the other hand ,all the aluminum have different hardness state ,we should use the solf state that is annealing,The hardness is 30-70 HB .

All the aluminum have good heat dissipation and electrical conductivity .


④ Copper : Tu1 Tu2

Spun property : These are purity copper types and the ductility is good , the spun property is similar with the aluminum alloy .

Application : The copper is used in the electronic components and home crafting .


⑤ Brass 

Spun property : The springback of brass is bigger than copper and aluminum alloy ,if you want to spin it with less springback ,you can use heating .

Application : Brass price is cheaper than copper .


⑥ Steel : SPCC/DC03/DC04/Q235/Q275/Q345

Spun property : These types of steel is good to spin ,the hardness and tensile strength is bigger than copper and aluminum alloy .

Application : Steel used in home decoration ,lampshade and some equipment components, the disadvantage is easy to rust .

Conclusion : Steel be divided into cold rolled sheet ( thickness is less than 3mm )and hot rolled sheet (thickness is bigger than 3mm), the cold rolled sheet is better to spin .


⑦ Stainless steel : SUS310/SUS304/SUS316

Spun property : The hardness and tensile strength of stainless steel is bigger than steel ,so it is hard to spin .

Application : SUS316 is better to spin than SUS304 and SUS310,the rust prevention ability of SUS316 is best ,the high temperature resistance of SUS310 is best ,the SUS304 is cheapest .

Conclusion : Stainless steel have many standard and state ,some types is suitable to bending , some types is suitable to deep drawing ,some types is suitable to polish , metal spinning need to buy the DDQ (deep drawing quality ), the ingredient of DDQ type contains copper will have better ductility than other types of stainless steel .


⑧ Sliver : 99.99%  purity sliver 

Spun property : Sliver is similar like brass ,the metal springback is big ,but it is can be easy to spin by heating .

Application : as sliver is expensive ,it is used in home decoration and hotel crafting like pot ,cup ,bottle,vase>> .


⑨ Titanium : Ta1/Ta2/TC4

Spun property : Ta1 and  Ta2 is purity titanium ,it is better to spin than other titanium ,The tensile strength of Ta1 and Ta2 is bigger than stainless steel ,the hardness of titanium is less than stainless steel ,Ta1 and Ta2 are  harder to spin than stainless steel . TC4 just can be spin by heating ,it is harder to spin than Ta1 and Ta2 .

Application : Titanium is good for healthy ,the density is low ,Ta1 and Ta2 are used in tableware>> and cookware in outdoor . TC4 is used in military and aircraft .



These are common metal spinning materials above .

 The hardness :  stainless steel>titanium>steel>sliver>brass>copper>aluminum .

The tensile strength : titanium>stainless steel> steel>sliver>brass >copper>aluminum .

The ductility :  aluminum>copper>steel > stainless steel >brass >sliver>titanium .

Spun property  :  aluminum>copper>steel > stainless steel >brass >sliver>titanium .


⑩ Special metal : Hardox /Inconel / SUS630 / GH3044

Spun property : Sliver is similar like brass ,the metal springback is big ,but it is can be easy to spin by heating .

Application : as sliver is expensive ,it is used in home decoration and hotel crafting like pot ,cup ,bottle .

Conclusion : these are special metal are applied in bad working condition , Hardox has high hardness and good wear resistance, Incone can bear high temperature and keep mechanical property that is applied in nozzle>> of aircraft and turbojet , high temperature alloy can bear higher temperature than Incone , So it is used in combustion chamber>> of aircraft and aerospace components .